Lennox recalls high efficiency exhaust blowers.


Possible premature induced draft wheel failures on residential gas furnaces models - G43UF, G51MP, G61MP, and G61MPV (Identifiable by serial number)


Start November 1, 2007 - Ends November 30, 2008


FASCO, the supplier, has confirmed the possibility of premature failures of blower wheels used in induced draft assemblies on the following furnaces produced by Lennox from 2004 to 2005:


Serial # Range

G43UF Series (090,110,135) 5904Hxxxxx thru 5905Gxxxxx
G51MP Series (090,110,135) 5904Hxxxxx thru 5905Gxxxxx
G61MP Series (all sizes) 5904Exxxxx thru 5905Exxxxx
G61MPV Series (all sizes) 5904Exxxxx thru 5905Exxxxx

FASCO has modified the blower wheel material beginning in June 2005. This material change has remedied this situation.

Please understand that this issue does not pose a safety risk, but may cause the furnace to cease normal operation and cause an inconvenience to the customer.

The blower wheel material in the targeted inducers is black.

The blower wheel in the improved inducer is clear.


New Kit Part #

G43UF Series (090,110,135) 83M56
G51MP Series (090,110,135) 83M56
G61MP Series (all sizes) 57M85
G61MPV Series (all sizes) 57M85

The new kit includes the inducer assembly, a gasket and installation instructions.



Go to DaveNet, WEBwarranty and begin to fill out warranty claim. When the system asks for the "failed part number", enter the one on the old inducer. When the system recognizes the part number and the targeted serial number the "WEBrework" screen is activated. Provide all the requested information including:

  • serial number of the inducer removed from the furnace
  • the colour of the inducer wheel removed from the furnace
  • the invoice or order number for the replacement inducer

Lennox is providing the replacement inducer free of charge and also paying a $75 handling fee to the contractor to cover picking up the replacement inducer and handling the warranty claim. The motor does not need to be returned to Lennox.