Aire-Flo furnace gas valve issue.


No heat. Thermostat calling. Exhaust blower starts and runs for 20 seconds. Igniter does not glow. Pressure switch closes. Primary limit and flame rollout closed. Honeywell Smart Valve flashes 6 times and then 7 times. Internal valve lockout.



To confirm that a safety was not causing the failure I bypassed the pressure switch by removing the wires from it and installing a jumper between them after the exhaust blower was up to speed. The fault still occurred. I then did the same with the limit and flame rollout circuit. The fault still occurred. I then unplugged the wires from the old valve and connected them to a new one. Upon doing this the igniter glowed and the valve nudged in my hand as if to open. No error code on valve. I installed the valve, tested operation and gas pressures. All good!